The Açaí Fruit

We carry conventional and organic Açai. 

AÇAI (Pronounced AH-SAH-fEE™) – is the seed of a palm called “euterpe olerácea’, which is a native plant of the Amazon region. The harvest of its fruit is done manually without having to cut the palm, as respect to the environment is our priority. Açaí energizing value comes from the amount of fat that consists of unsaturated fatty acids. It presents an isotonic characteristic for re-arranging the mineral salt losses caused by strenuous physical exercises.

Acai is an energizing super-fruit that is rich in protein, fiber, Vitamin E, minerals, and important essential fatty acids. Açaí’s antioxidants concentration surpasses even blueberries. It provides natural sustained energy and it is an excellent source of protein and essential omegas. Acai has 33% more anthocyanin than red wine.

The Açaí Legend

Before the city of Belem was built, an Indian tribe used to live there. Because the food was very scarce, the chief of the tribe named Itaki, demanded that all the children would be sacrificed, including his granddaughter, daughter of Iaca. In a full moon night, Iaca heard a child’s cry. She approached the door of her tipi, and he saw her little smiling daughter close to a beautiful palm tree. At the beginning she got static, but later on, she ran to her and held her tightly. Mysteriously her daughter disappeared.
Her body was found holding the Açaí tree with a smile on her face. Her dark eyes were staring at the top of the Açaí palm tree, which gave birth to the black palm berry fruits. Itaki then demanded all the Indians to get the fruits, obtaining a reddish wine that was baptized Açaí, in tribute to his daughter (Iaca inverted name). He fed his people and after this day, he suspended the order to

ORAC – Natural Sustained Energy – Can you feel it?
What is ORAC and what does it represent?

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity.
What is the ORAC Assay? The Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC)
assay is a technique for determining the complete antioxidants activity of any biological sample. The ORAC assay measures the actual antioxidants activities of humans, food products, food ingredients, agricultural products, and pharmaceutical products.

What is considered a common ORAC consumption on a daily basis?

An average person requires 670 ORAC each day. In reality, 80% to 90% of people around the world are not consuming half of the daily needed ORACs.

What is the ORAC level in the Açai Fruit?

The Açaí fruit will give you an ORAC level of 3871. This is determined from a dosage of 01 cup of 7 oz of Açaí Power Sorbet a day.The real discovery of the Amazon *Açaí the fruit of life*:
We had the pleasure to introduce the first Açaí into the world market back in 1998. When we had our production of Açaí expanded into the Brazilian Market, we realized that Açaí would be known worldwide in connection with our project S.O.S. Amazon Fund. The project was created by our staff, inspired by the exotic fruits well known in the Amazon Rain Forest and to create sustainable programs inside of the Amazon Rain Forest . Açaí is one of those exotic fruits, which is naturally harvested by local communities without causing any harm to the rainforest. Today the volume of the domestic business in Brazil plus the expansion of the business worldwide, we can commit to grow this program in creating better infrastructure in those villages inside the forest, educational program linked with local Authorities (Suframa – Government Agency inside the Amazon Rain Forest) and more programs like Amazon Paper, Coconut Fiber. By purchasing our product, you are contributing to better the lives inside the Amazon Rain Forest.

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